jdownloader plugin alldebrid nightly

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Account info are now stored in Firefox login manager (not in preferences) - Fixed: cannot leave account info empty in preferences window - Fixed: when selection contains multiple links, the first one is selected for donwload.Reload to refresh your session.101 Too many login attempts, blocked for 15 min.100 Too many login attempts, please wait.Over hundred peoples can do after reading this instruction.plugins: /jd/plugins/hoster/ass the premium accounts i see : well the plugin is updated, downloaded, loaded, but not showing in the list what can I do?Switch (parseError / everything is aok case -1: return; / login related case 2: throw new User/Password!You can use Jdownload and IDM as a download accelerators.
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You need to login into Alldebrid, copy paste the hoster file url and convert before download.