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"They told me 'mullah novels' don't sell he said.
Aspiring author Abdul Alim said Abubakar's works had motivated his own plotlines - moral tales that in the end showed "Islam has answers" for society's ills.
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He was born in Hugli, west Bengal.It is Strictly prohibited to share, read or download any copyright materials.Apart from the marriage proposals and overtures of love, Abubakar has received confessions from corrupt bureaucrats thanking him for steering them down the honest path, he said.But it took nearly a decades to get a publisher."In rural villages, Abubakar's novels are the best gift a young lover can give to his fiancee.".Linux Hosting, T Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers for over 16 years.Explore related topics, novels, bangla books pdf is offering this novel book as free.Abubakar wrote "The Blossomed Rose" - a story about two mismatched young Muslims seeking consent for marriage from their families - by hand in 1978, but it took almost a decade for a publisher to even look.To send new book request write on comment field below.M is hosted by Alpha Net's.Download Kashem Bin Abu Bakar Bangla Books, Islamic Novels, Stories, Historical Books, Artricles in pdf and Read Futonto Golap by Kashem Bin Abu Bakar - Download Kashem Bin Abu Bakar Romantic Books.Kashem Bin Abu Bakar is popular Bengali Author.All links are external and Sometimes may not work properly. .Read Unliimed online Bengali Books from.And yet his tales of lovers whispering sweet nothings between calls to prayer sold millions in the 1980s and proved a huge hit among young girls from Bangladesh's rural, conservative heartland."He is such a talented story teller.
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These secular tales were a world removed from the largely rural and pious village existence lived by the majority of Bangladesh's 160 million people, and Abubakar sensed a gap in the market ripe for his fiction.He is popular for his different types of writings.Any link or book is not hosted in the site.View or Read This Full Book.Remarks: Download Bangla Novel, Poems, books and Magazine in pdf format or Read online."Everyday the postman would arrive with hundreds of letters.Book Language: Bengali, book info:.3 Megabytes and 137 Pages, Good Quality.Mitul in particular shot to fame in the 2000s with his own story about a burqa-clad girl reminiscent of Abubakar's breakthrough "The Blossomed Rose".Book Name: Futonto Golap by Kashem Bin Abu Bakar.Bangladeshi novelist who mainly write love based novels.
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