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High-res tablets such as the iPad's 2,048x1,536-pixel Retina Display and the 2,560x1,600-pixel display of the Nexus 10 are the best-looking LCD screens out there, and arguably provide the best experience for reading text on a backlit screen.Previously, the biggest drawback for e-ink screens was that they were not self-illuminating (unlike LCDs, which are backlit by definition).We can't answer that question for you.At first glance, the task seems daunting - there are more choices than ever before.But these are very closely matched products that vary according to individual needs, so please read through the rest of the article to see which one is best for you.Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the.While some of the newer models have slightly higher resolution, the screens largely offer the same performance across multiple vendors.Sarah Tew/cnet, editors' note: This story was first published in July 2010, and has been extensively updated, most recently on December 17, 2012.LCD: Bright, backlit - and potentially tiring Color LCD screens found on all tablets are bright, colorful, beautiful displays.If you want to stick with "just reading" - books, and maybe some newspapers and magazines (in black and white) - an e-ink reader (69 to 149) is probably your best bet.In fact, you could also opt to give a kid the 159 non-HD Kindle Fire as well, since he or she probably won't miss the extra features.The smallest and lightest dedicated e-book readers that we can recommend is the entry-level 2012 Kindle.However, they do an excellent job of reproducing the look of printed paper.Open the document and click on print then send to kindle which will open a different window where you will select your iPad as the device to send the file.That said, if you're only interested in reading - without taking notes, tweeting, or other text input - that supercheap, superlight Kindle may well be all you need.
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Nexus 7 tablets are a bit harder to find, but should be at your local GameStop and Staples stores.

The tool will scan and show all the media files stored in your iPad.Sorry we have no idea as we know none of the information required.Drag and drop files into the Send to Kindle application and select from the list of devices that shows up, your iPad.That's a question you'll need to answer.It's sold unlocked, but includes an AT T SIM card.But for 100 more, the 2012 iPad offers that gorgeous Retina Display that will especially appeal to readers.Since you hold the device in front of you whenever you read from it, weight and size are critical issues.
That said, we suggest installing the Kindle or Nook apps for reading, since both offer better selections than Google's in-house offering.
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