kingdom hearts 2 final mix iso file

I'm new, so i wasn't quite sure where to post this issue, hope i'm not native tongue wicked game wrong to put it here.
Image Mode : DVD 5, size Error : Correct Size, NO Lock Sector.Goofy's Shields: Massive Bumper and Seven Elements.).Load file iso dengan, pCSX2).Sony logo : Compatible with Sony ID, rEAL MD5 : 4 redump :, rEAL sectors: 1771343 size: 0xD83A7800, uSED sectors: 2476.I downloaded the kingdom hearts 2 final mix iso from here.Translation / Localization Translated most (all?) text Load the Latin-based font Fix dynamic numbering (1From Round - From Round 1) Subtitled secret movie(s) Use 4-line Journal summaries Translated most images Translated save file information (only new saves) Added English voices and lip-syncs for Final-Mix-only scenes.

Untuk membuka fitur rahasia dapat dilakukan dengan cara menyelesaikan masing-masing game.Kingdom Hearts II assassin creed the secret crusade epub (Eng Patched Part 1, part 2, kingdom Hearts II (English final-Rev5 Pastebin, size:.6 GB Full ISO, password:.Copyright : (C) disney enterprises, INC., sony ID : slps-25198, version :.00, region : ntsc-J Japan.Removed Re:CoM system data requirement for unlocking Japanese voices in the theater Added the ending scene to the theater Show acquired forms in the stock menu Added a (custom) icon and description to forms without them Allow Antiform to access the pause menu when out.Jangan lupa lihat juga.To affect pre-rendered videos, the companion patch human resource management audiobook should also be used.