lcs 2005 admin tools

Dll can be used in conjunction with Netmon to capture SIP traffic on the network for SIP call flow verification or for troubleshooting.
This export contains the entire conversation sent as a single smtp mail to an smtp receiver drop directory.
I am working on finding the exact cause, but I am betting it is related to the bullet item for admin tool compatibility issues listed on the 2008 R2 support page.The tool attempts to map the error code to a description of the error.A program run as part of this setup did not finish as expected.Off site access does not require users to establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN instead, the software relies on mixture of advanced user authentication, message encryption and identity management for security.Vbs, allows for non-domain administrators to install Live Communications Server and verifies that the service principal names (SPN) have been configured correctly, identify duplicates, and correct any errors.The tool also can save the WMI configuration into a local XML file.In the 2005 release of LCS, Microsoft has federated presence awareness between organizations, and has extended instant messaging capabilities to the world outside of the corporate network.LCS SID Mapping - The LCS SID Mapping tool is used specifically for customers who have deployed Live Communications Server 2005 in a resource forest topology.Xml discovers the Live Communications Server 2005-specific permissions that can be set on a container object or an organizational unit in Active Directory directory service.LCS Clean - The LCS Clean tool is used to clear the specific attribute values of Live Communications Server in the User or Contact objects in your Active Directory forest.In this environment, an application proxy can be used to route through certain applications for processing.
Live Communications Server 2005 Resource Kit.
Xml detects schema state, forest and domain prep states and locates pools created for Live Communications Server 2005.

LCS Enable Configure Users LCS Enable Configure Users queries how many servers are deployed in your Active Directory directory service forest and how many users are enabled on each server.Microsoft has also included additional ea racing games for pc management options and administrative tools.The tool also can read the WMI configuration on the server and verify connectivity to all other servers the local server is configured to connect.Since that time, Microsoft has altered its product roadmap in light of heightened competition and the software's release schedule has been modified.Using the tool, you can add and remove a specific domain to or from the WMI list of denied domains or check if a domain is present in the list of denied domains.SipView The SIP View tool allows you to view the log files created by the flat file logging feature in Live Communications Server.MocImp The MocImp tool allows you to import contacts from the MSN network of Internet services into Microsoft Office Communicator 2005.The tool maps of the primary user account to the disabled user account in the resource forest.