linux logout user shortcut

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If you would like to logout other users, you must login as root user.Some shortcuts are specific to a particular environment, and many desktops or window managers allow you to create your own keyboard shortcuts.It switches to various virtual terminals.If you are using Unity (the default environment in Ubuntu.04 and later) then you can press the Super key (aka the Windows key) to bring up the dash, type in "log" and the first option is "Log Out" so just press Enter.C) logout command, logout of a login shell.When the command shows up you want, hit Enter to execute.In a GUI application (such as OpenOffice these combinations will work as they would in a normal desktop world.Logging out a user shuts applications down cleanly while killing the X-server does not.It works with all desktop environments and window managers.All data will be lost, so use it wisely.If all else fails and you just need to reboot, you can hit this combination to instantly start the reboot process.Thanks szkj for your hint.Post navigation, tagged as: Tags pkill command, sudo command, w command, who command, Easy).Technically it accomplishes the same t seems a bit over the top.

Instead of having to move your mouse to the edge of a screen, you can hit Alt and either the left or right arrow key to move from one desktop to another.Or is "killing the X-server" something completely different?There may be a simpler way to do this, if anyone knows please post.9: Arrow up or Arrow down.DennyCrane # 2 23rd February 2008, 03:13 AM sideways.How can I forcefully logoff any user using bash shell on Linux?DennyCrane vali de la giurgiu-de ce toate domnisoarele fileshare # 6 23rd February 2008, 03:53 AM sideways Offline Retired User Join Date: Oct 2004 Location: London, UK Posts: 4,999 Gnome keybindings seem to be buggy, but if you're determined to have ctrl-alt-delete for logout then you can do something like the following Install.The following example, will kill all process on your server.So is it the default?Task: Linux logout all other users.
(which is the default).