little drummer boy book ii

Melchior, along with Aaron and his animals, arrives shortly thereafter, and they all take off to the tax collectors' camp, planning to take back the silver bells.
It could also be concluded that Ali and Plato are not really evil as their leaders are, and might not even know any better than to do as they say.
Having no material possession to give to the baby, Aaron decides that his "gift" to him and his parents will be his playing his drum for them.Written by, kathy Li, plot Summary.And rmit tafe timetable semester 1 2012 things are about to get ugly when the tax collectors have their eye on Aaron's beloved drum.Ben Haramed and Ali from the first special.Voice cast edit Credits edit References edit External links edit).
Written by: Julian.

Vhswarner Home Video 1993 Rankin/Bass TV Holiday Favorites Collection dvdwarner Home Video July 30, 2012 Cast External links.Jerusalem, Aaron becomes infuriated by the townspeople's amusement and lashes out at them for being thieves and knaves.Melchior, one of the three kings from the first movie, invites.However, this proves to be one of the most challenging tasks Aaron has ever faced.Later, Aaron and his animal companions later escape and joins up with the Magi as they journey toward.Ben and Brutus both harbored a thirst for money that caused much of the conflict in both specials; Ali and Plato both played the role of the "idiot lackey and both were called "fools" by Ben and Brutus, respectively.Brutus and his dim-witted lackey Plato, break into Simeon's home.