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As the industrial revolution converted western societies from agrarian to industrial in the 18th and 19th centuries, photography and lithography contributed to the boom of an advertising industry that integrated typography and imagery together on the page.
At the level of mass communication and in common usage, a company's logo is today often synonymous with its trademark or brand.
Dynamic logos edit In 1898, the French tire manufacturer Michelin introduced the Michelin Man, a cartoon figure presented in many different contexts, such as eating, drinking, and playing sports.Three designers are widely considered the pioneers of that movement and of logo and corporate graw 2 save game identity design: The first is Chermayeff Geismar, which is the firm responsible for a large number of iconic logos, such as Chase Bank (1964 Mobil Oil (1965 PBS (1984 NBC.Next page: Typography in logo design.See also edit References edit Zuber, Charles.The third pioneer of corporate identity design is Saul Bass.21 Logo color edit Color is a key element in logo design and plays an important role in brand differentiation.Enter now, and keep up with our social media for the latest design inspiration!
Of course, logo design is just one small sub-set of branding which these days can incorporate a dizzying number of activation points, from interior design right through to tone of voice on social media but the logo, or brand mark, remains the centrepiece of most.
The logo design profession has substantially increased in numbers over the years since the rise of the Modernist movement in the United States in the 1950s.

For instance, a name written in Arabic script might have little resonance in most European markets.Contemporary logos edit The current era of logo design began in the 1870s citation needed with the first abstract logo, the Bass red triangle.NatWest and Kodak followed within a few months, but we argued here on CB that we should be wary of the retro design trend.Designing Brand Identity 2006 John Wiley Sons, Inc.While color is considered important to brand recognition and logo design, it shouldn't conflict with logo functionality, and it needs to be remembered that color connotations and associations are not consistent across all social and cultural groups.A renewal of interest in craftsmanship and quality also provided the artists and companies with a greater interest in credit, leading to the creation of unique logos and marks.Simultaneously, typography itself was undergoing a revolution of form and expression that expanded beyond the modest, serif typefaces used in books, to bold, ornamental typefaces used on broadsheet posters.HOW Logo Design Competition Awards began in 2008 and quickly erupted as a prestigious contest that recognizes great logo design.4 Contents History edit Numerous inventions and techniques have contributed to the contemporary logo, including cylinder seals (c.Strategy is becoming an increasingly important part of the branding process.
According to Johnson, it can be a two-way street.