lotr battle for middle earth 2 codes pc

DwarvesStructuresKilledRTS 682, dwarvesStructuresLostRTS 62, dwarvesTimePlayed 71691, dwarvesUnitsCreatedRTS 2592.
Get Builders to build Wall Hubs where the Cave Trolls lair is found (kill jelen superliga patch pes 2010 it first).
Hero for 9,000 resources.Defeating large groups of enemies: Have a lot of defensive structures in your base and teleport the opponents to your base.The towers should kill the enemies before they can do much damage.DwarvesWinsVsIsengard 10, dwarvesWinsVsMordor 10, dwarvesWinsVsWild 11, elvesAverageGameTime 4302.33.Finally, destroy the fortress.Ring Heroes: Every map in skirmish or miss rita episode 1 multi-player mode has Gollum cloaked.Gollum, kill him and you will get the ring.DwarvesPoints 2000, dwarvesResourcesGatheredRTS 5346917, dwarvesShortestGameTime 128, dwarvesStructuresCreatedRTS 1147.Grey Havens: Start at the bottom-most part.DwarvesUnitsKilledRTS 49340, dwarvesUnitsLostRTS 502, dwarvesWinStreak 31, dwarvesWins.
Your Ring Hero uses no command points.
Build as many resource collectors as possible.

Then, capture the Shipright.Send the rest to the Shipright.Put the units by the Shipright onto the transports.Destroy all the structures except for the fortress.Build the number of transports needed.Put some by the wall to defend.Defeating Giant Trolls with ease: It is always a good coreldraw 12 full crack mien phi tactic to create a custom hero with a lot of power (Say about at least a level of 15).Not only will you be able to defeat those giant trolls or summoned balrog's with ease, You.DwarvesHeroesBuiltRTS 42, dwarvesHeroesLostRTS 0, dwarvesLongestGameTime 5093, dwarvesLossStreak.ElvesBestWinStreak 31, elvesHeroesBuiltRTS 72, elvesHeroesLostRTS 0, elvesLongestGameTime 6797.The Convert spell will also work, because they are free men.