lotr bfme 2 mods

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Most of these games were released a long time ago.
10/26/14 by, cobraDarkPoney.0 (1).32 MB Grimdro'sRise of the elite orc Epic seige mod This mod makes the game more like the lore in many ways and makes it a blast to play, full change notes included.Discover the new factions of Lothlorien and Rohan, field new units and heroes for 2 chainz spend it remix each of the existing factions, enjoy a visual style closer to the movies and unleash the power of the One Ring with individual Ring heroes for every factions.Known issues - Campaigns don't work - War of the Ring doesn't work - Gundabad Berserker Create-A-Captain doesn't have a Leap power animation - Buggy AI on various maps.Want to make suggestions or talk to other AotR fans?Its an ambitious mod, one that might as well be an unofficial sequel.Work Only For rotwk!:D 03/08/15 by gravewalker.17.This release features a brand new faction, the Elves of Lothl├│rien, as well as additions to our original 4 factions.03/13/14 by Grimdro.14 MB Rise of Wizards Mod Improved heroes, new skills, and fixed AI (almost all) 02/20/14 by mlmf.83 KB bfme2 rotwk Trainer.01 bfme2 rotwk Trainer.01 7 A simple Good trainer for rotwk 06/06/13 by thacken.62 KB Demi God specialy made heroes.
Mod team, mattTheLegoman - Mapper, visual artist njm1983 Mapper tomasz_exe Mapper Pasidon Mapper Fredius - Campaign Scripter vengefulnoob Coder FG15 Coder Testers Saruman - Lead tester Hoar Samwisejenkins ahdover Voice actors Ryan Antoine - Knights of Dol Amroth Patrick Seymour - Axemen of Lossarnach Joel.

Thanks and have fun, The Age of the Ring Team.The choice is yours.Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 game the warriors rip to dominate the list but, uh, nope.Please fill out the form completely and ensure that you add some details about the mod and why you have chosen it (similar to how our community members hav.( continue reading the full article ).Lord of the Rings experience.A mod for bfme2 that removes some restrictions to recreate huge epic battles from the films.Want to organize your online games other AotR fans?If you are the author and wish to see your work removed, please contact the AotR mod team.Modders are the best.Search, downloads Home ┬╗ Modpacks, found 85, files, download, file.
10/30/10 by Lord Of Chaos201.0 (1).16 MB Ghosts of Arnor.3 A RotWK mod that adds Arnor, splits Gondor and Rohan, improves the Inn/CaH system, and adds heroes (like Beregond) 10/13/10 by BigBrainiac.84 KB Demi Gods Improved custom heroes for your rotwk made.