mac os x 10.6 3

A color issue in iMovie with HD content.
Data Collection : Mac OS X v10.6.3 can collect diagnostic and usage information from your Mac and send it to Apple for analysis automatically.An issue in which the microphone level in iChat may not increase the volume after reducing it to prevent a feedback event.E doesn't use them on any core products.Reliability of iDisk Sync.Better handling of Safari bookmark management when using Parental Controls.Reliability of syncing calendars.Mac OS.6.3.

System Imaging fixes and improvements the asr command, which now accepts the "-allow fragmented catalog" option, for restoring images that have a fragmented catalog file.Reliability in background synchronization.Compatibility issues with OpenGL-based applications.Signing and encrypting messages, such as when using an Entrust PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).Synchronization of the "Sent" mailbox on a Microsoft Exchange server.An issue in which new invitations on a Microsoft Exchange server might not appear in the Notification pane.The reliability of certain third-party USB devices.For details about how Mac OS X v10.6 handles unresponsive DNS servers, see this article.Rosetta fixes an issue that prevented files with the # or characters in their names from opening in Rosetta applications.An issue with Time Machine in which system backups could be belbin management teams pdf restored onto unsupported Mac configurations.mac OS.6.3 applications DVD image.dmg -For use to reinstall your macs applications -This is a clean rip using disk utility (untouched) -No serial needed as App!
Parental Controls fixes and improvements restoring Safari bookmarks functionality to parental controls users.