manage mac os x keychain

Enter your Apple ID and follow the zapper one wicked cricket game onscreen instructions.
Figure.38 Import a digital certificate into Keychain Access.
Click Allow All Applications to Access This Item to transparently provide access to the resource with no user interaction.Pick the longest password you can remember.Within the Settings window, you can use the Lock After XX Minutes of Inactivity setting to force Mac OS X to lock a keychain if it isn't used for a certain length of time.Another use, fully supported in Panther, is that of providing secure mail services to and from clients that support the S/mime standard (see ml for details).Web entries can be launched in a Web browser by selecting the resource and clicking the Go toolbar button.Other users who sign their outgoing messages with their public key (using the S/mime standard) can send you mail, and the Mac Oail application automatically saves a certificate with their public key to your keychain.Working with Keychain Items, users who want to access stored data, or manually add new information to a keychain, can do so through the Keychain Access program.But this post by Gated Logic really caught my eye, so I decided to share it with you.New keychains can be created by choosing File, New Keychain.Tricks For Mac, tip, hey, i dont usually link to many sites from this blog.Next, you need to enter a passphrase that unlocks the new keychain.To remove a keychain from the system, highlight its name in the list and then press the Delete key.Click the Save Changes button in the lower-right corner to save any modifications you've made.
The small password assistant can then be used to make a secure password.
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An example of the usefulness of this feature is creating a keychain with corporate login data for intranet file servers that should be available to everyone.Choose the keychain to add the certificate to and then click.A Global keychain can be created by an administrator and shared to the other users on the system.Leave the application list blank to always force a confirmation.It is a tool to help you, as an administrator, handle keychain problems for your users without logging in to their accounts.Over this time I have found loads of tips and tricks which have helped me get the most out of my Mac, so I decided to share them with you all.If problems are found, switch to Repair mode and then click Start again.When done, if you cannot remember one of your passwords then you can use Keychain Access to open the old keychain and either drag items from it to your new one, or open them directly to access their stored passwords.Click Reset My Default Keychain, confirm this action and wait a short moment.To import a certificate, double-click it (if it is a recognized type or choose File, Import and choose the file.
This extra provides the capability to lock and unlock any one of your keychains at any time.