manga studio ex 4 or 5

Photoshop has yet to get this right.
With the introduction of the starter edition of Manga Studio 5, Smith Micro took an already excellent digital comics creation tool and made it better by building it again from the ground.
And dont let the word Manga in the title deceive you.Not only can you browse, view and find your comic pages much easier with workgroup administrator access 2013 EX5's Story Editor, you can also set a defined template to use with all of your pages, as well as automatically number each one, and add story information like the name.The second feature which sets EX5 apart from Version 5 is the ability to open EX4 story files.Manga Studio 5 is a powerful, worthy alternative to Photoshop for narrative- and character-led illustrations.If, like me, you depend on creating comics longer then a single page, then you will need the EX version.Lots of useful illustration specific features that will surprise you.The features that make MS4 such a good program for making comics have now been brought into CSP.Wolfman : copyright Eric Merced, anyone who used the EX version of Manga Studio 4 over the starter Debut edition got their hands on a great many additions such as more Computones, Vector layers, and the ability to create Story projects with multiple pages, just.EX5 brings back EX4s Story File feature with a vengeance.
Another key advantage to having the ability to create Story files is batch exporting.

Over the years it has become an application not just for creating Comics, but also full-colour professional digital paintings.Once done with all of your comic pages, you can quickly and easily export all of, or specific defined, pages in the format of your choosing from.jpeg.PSD.Celsys is the program developer while Smith Micro is the distributor of the English versions.Without the Story file system, in order to take a look at page 25 of your comic, for example, you'd have to find the file and double click on it to open.But again, if like me, you've been using EX4 for a long time and have created comics more then 1 page long using the Story file feature, you will want the option to open those files in Version.Whether you opt for Manga Studio 5 or EX5, you're getting a worthy upgrade to EX4 that isn't just a powerful tool for creating comic book art but, as many artists are proving, is powerful for creating amazing digital art in general.
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