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Mikado Sanzenin (, Sanzen'in Mikado ) Voiced by: Tomomichi Nishimura Mikado Sanzenin is Nagi's grandfather and the head of the Sanzenin family, as well as one of the five directors in simpsons tapped out snake speakers charge of Haku Academy.
Sadly, Shiori has a habit of being totally dismissive of him, going as far as telling him she made a "mistake" in putting him in line for incineration when he actually needed to be trashed steinberg nuendo 6 serial number in a more appropriate category.Until in chapter 469, Athena has found the ring from Yukiji and got it back.Like Klaus, he throws roses like daggers.Ayumu is friends with Wataru, from whom she often rents videos, and tested her discontinued food products 2013 chocolate on him before giving it to Hayate on Valentines Day.Implying that Hayate really does love Ruka.Yozora Housen (, Hsen Yozora ) Yozora first appeared in chapter 285, after secretly launching a bottle rocket attack at Hayate as he attempted to transport Tama to the new apartment-house residence, Violet Mansion.Maya Maya ) Voiced by: Yukari Tamura Maya is an alien that appear in Shimoda trying to find its misplaced spaceship when looking for the best hot spring.Prophecy of Seven ".Chiharu may have a serious, hardworking nature.Following their failure, they try to flee but are ambushed and attacked by Hisui, with Shun abandoning his wife only to be beaten up by his eldest son Ikusa.Hayate reaches in and pulls Athena away from Midas.In chapter 239, Hayate admits to Hinagiku (who was just about to confess to him) that he is in love with Athena.Ruri Tsugumi Tsugumi Ruri ) Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi Ruri is a mysterious girl who appears at the beginning of the 3rd season, introducing herself as Nagi's little sister with no proof.Trying to sell her doujinshi to the public, Nagi went to show her hard work to Ashibashi-sensei but was shocked to realize her hard work was not good enough."Mikado" means emperor, showing his position in the Sanzenin family.In the English version, she speaks in an Italian accent.
Because of this, when Nagi first finds Tama, she becomes convinced that he is just a cat.

He is self-centered, has a low alcohol tolerance, doesn't do well with tobacco or women, and likes cars and bikes.To date, he has only appeared in the manga.He died in a car accident in Las Vegas.He finds her a serious challenge in get hold of the bridge button that she was hiding in her breasts, however, he manages to bribe her with 128,500 yen, then succeeded to obtain a King's Jewel from the vault.Athens Chief City of Attica (Southern Greece) Pausanias, Description of Greece.When Maya sends Hayate and Nagi home, Hayate encounters Nagi's mother, Yukariko, in a dream and finds out the reason why Nagi comes to Shimoda every year is to remember the anniversary of her mother's death.
Ma is chained to her chair and resides in her fortress on top of a tower.