medal of honor 2010 walkthrough

Dont admire the view for too long, the room to your left has a galaxy life hack no survey trigger-happy enemy.
Crouch behind the cover in the ruined building near where you came in and clean them.
Gunfire erupts, the car crashes, and you take control.
Cut them down and head through the door to the right with your reunited team.Wonder no more as you step into the boots of SF operatives deployed in one of the harshest, coldest, and driest climates on Earth.The only resistance youll meet challenges 4 workbook answers in the building ahead is a defenseless enemy in the hall.Youll be told to move up after theyre cleared, but be careful; some guys pop up on the wall ahead.There are some on the balcony to the right, some on the left, and a few brave souls that will just charge the center.There are a few enemies up in the bombed out buildings, so try and stay in cover as you take them out.Be careful; on the left, a garage door is going to fly opentake down the guy inside before he gets the drop on you.At the top of the stairs theres another door to breach, and a few more blind enemies to plug before you can head outside and take your night vision off.Theres an enemy with his back turned ahead, and after hes dealt with you can run out and kill the machine gunner, who is holding the rest of your team down.Medal of Honor Commonly asked questions.The upcoming area is swarming with foes.A cutscene will end the level.
If they start firing feel free to return the favor, but theres little chance they can do enough damage to actually take you down.

Theres a machinegun nest in your path, but dont bother trying to kill the gunner.As you work your way down the street a take few enemies will slowly make their way towards you.PR01 First In, and were now watching another cutscene, except this one takes place a few months earlier.If you find yourself running low on ammo, nows a good time to ask an ally for some.Next, youll arrive at a fort.Kill them all, and then follow Mother to regroup with your allies.Send Feedback, guide Contents, introduction, next Section ยป.Once youre close, two enemies to kick the door open (or breach it, I suppose).After that just follow the trail, taking Voodoos boost once he offers.Continue to target with LB and HUD marked blocks you see.Wait for the air force to do their job and blow the door into splinters.
You will finally be directed to this building, shoot it down, then you will move.