metric conversion chart for medication

ML mL you will give (recommended dosage recommended weight?
Apothecary / Metric and Other Conversion Equivalents.
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Abbreviation of Measures gal or gals gallons g gram, o, pt or pts pints kg kilogram (1,000g) oz or ozs ounces mg milligram (1/1,000g).In addition to just knowing math, youre going to need to know how to read and interpret doctors orders and spot when theres potential trouble.Weight 1 kilogram.2 pound (lb) 1 gram (g) 1000 milligrams 15 grains (gr).6 gram 600 milligrams 10 grains.5 gram 500 milligrams.5 grains.3 gram 300 milligrams 5 grains.06 gram 60 milligrams 1 grain.Whenever youre administering intravenous (IV) infusions, you need to know the soul eater episode 49 sub indo flow rate, infusion time, and total volume.You'll want to study all of the different pharmacy conversions to prepare for the ptcb or ExCPT exams.Also write out the specific dosing strength and/or quantity.Every morning omni nocte.n.Cc Does it mean cubic centimeter or milliliter?Liquids 1cc 1 mL 5mL 1 tsp 15mL 1 tbsp 30mL 1 oz 480 mL 1 pt 3785 mL 1 gal, look at the above conversions, notice the progression of the measurements.Here are the most useful ones: Converting lb to kg and kg to lb lb.2 kg.2, converting mL to L and L to mL mL L 1,000, l mL 1,000.Daily omni mane.m.Write milliliter.Ointment ut dictum ut dict.At bedtime prn as needed Weight Equivalents.454 kg 454 gm 16 oz 1.
Or 4 SQ or SC Does it mean subcutaneous or could it be mistaken for 5Q (5 every)?
Write discontinue or discharge.

TIW Does it mean twice a week or three times a week (the real meaning)?If the prescriber wishes the first dose to be administered before the earliest available standardised time then the prescriber should state "expedite" or "first dose now" with the drug order.Multiply the number of grams.0022 Example: 454 gm.0022.99 lb.0 lb (if rounding off) Example: 1000 gm.0022.2 lbs To convert pounds (lb) to grams (gm) or (g).First Formula: (desired available x volume what you will give Second Formula: (mg avail in mL avail x (mg wanted?Could it be mistaken for 0 or 10?1 stone.35 kg Height Estimated Lean Body Weight or ( - ).3kg per inch over/under 5 feet tall 50kg for men.5kg for women Imperial / metric Males (kg) Females (kg) 4 ft 8 in / 142.8.3.
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