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And if youve experienced everything the vanilla game has to offer, theres a truckload of brilliant user-made mods available online.
Maybe if things got really extreme a fight could break out, determined by a Total War auto-resolve-style system, and norton internet security link you could either win or wake up in hospital and lose a few hours.
This same feeling of peril could come from fragile cargo too, like panes of glass or rare antiques.
I want to create a truck that wouldnt look out of place in a Mad Max film, and become a feared road warrior that the police dont even dare to challenge.You buy a questionable egg mayo sandwich and a few miles down the road you feel your stomach begin to growl and bubble.Euro Truck Simulator 2's multiplayer mod releases early video of convoy action.This could be combined with the sickness mod a few slides back to turn the game into a kind of disgusting, bum-based survival sim.Then you black out.You do actually get to transport dangerous cargo in Euro Truck 2, including flammable liquids, explosives, and ammunition, but they dont really change anything except for the weight of your trailer.You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.You havent slept for days, then suddenly the cars in front of you begin to melt into the road.These creepy hallucinations would be an imaginative punishment for not taking regular breaks.Its head turns, slowly, and it whispers Die.Hardware Buying Guides Latest Game Reviews.You can read sim expert Tim Stones review here, or read about my experiences playing it with the.
The first thing I do when I install the game is set rain probability to high.

Trailers, mOD combo pack.This is the solution.I realise that this idea sort of defeats the point of Euro Truck 2, being a realistic sim and all, but thats the beauty of mods, right?Intense storms that reduce visibility to almost zero, wild winds that blow your trailer from side to side, snow that clogs up the roads, or scorching sun that melts and pops your tyres.You wake up in a garage with a big repair bill and curse not stopping at that last motel for a snooze.Its the dead of night, youve been driving for hours, and your fatigue meter is almost full.Imagine driving around knowing that the petrol tank tethered to your truck could explode in a ball of flame if you crashed.Five new Steam games you probably missed this week We've sorted through every new game on Steam so you don't have.This is probably the most achievable of my dream mod list so far, but maybe it would add a level of unnecessary realism.This would probably work better in the forthcoming American Truck Simulator, though, as the weather in Europe is mostly pretty temperate.You turn your head and theres a dead body in the passenger seat.
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