most useful inventions 2013

Ask anyone who has ever served on one.
Electricity: Probably the single most important invention in human history, without electricity humans have nothing.
In todays modern world it is impossible to find a mobile without a calculator application.The Personal Computer, its difficult to imagine our world today without computers.Microwave Oven: The most important invention regarding foods, the first commercial microwave oven was sold in 1974.Add to that the fact that new softwares and hardwares are always making the computer better, life without a computer is like a rose without petals.In addition to tat, women dont have to get tied up in homes with kids, they can reach out to levels not possible before and perhaps that is the reason that in this competitive world, women are giving men a run for their money.This resulted in extensive damage to the Ozone Layer.
However, when Lord Kitchener succeeded Roberts as commander-in-chief in South Africa in 1900, the British Army introduced new tactics in an attempt to break the guerrilla campaign and the influx of civilians grew dramatically as a result.
Mostly, though, it fills our days with vapidity and all manner of inane and obnoxious commercials, and is the single greatest reason that families no longer eat in the kitchen or dining room anymore, but instead huddle in the living room around their television eating.

Abdul Kalam, known for his crucial role in the development of Indias missile and nuclear weapons programs.Looking for some useful and innovative products you can afford?Nuclear Power, nuclear power was to the twentieth century what steam power had been to the nineteenth: a game changer.Oh, and you can also get useful information off it if you dont mind scrolling through 15,000 hits to find out just how long snails really live.This article will file shredder mac os x discuss the famous Indian scientists and inventors throughout history and their wonderful contributions.Steam Engine: Overshadowed by electrical and internal combustion engines, the Steam engine is perhaps the most unappreciated invention used today.A person sitting in one part of the world can communicate with someone in any other part of the world in the time of a few seconds.The first Radio was invented in 1901, when the Italian Guglielmo Macroni sent the first radio transaction.Slit Bike Hook, smore Maker Sofa Tray Table natural Soup and Sandwich ceramic tray duo Spiral filament bulb Square Colander Large Sticks Wall Hook Robot Hanging Tea Infuser The iPhone Keeper Case Thermo Pot Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Tray Triple Hammock UpStand for iPad Vapor.The vast majority of Boers remaining in the local camps were women and children.Until Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, almost any little bug that someone picked up was potentially fatal.
Of course, they have been around since World War Two, but they were clunky, massively expensive things that had all the calculating power of a brick.