ms word 2013 tutorial ppt

Lets show you this in action.
When you open Word 2013 you will see recently viewed files on the left and several categories of templates on the right.
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You can also use mail merge to send an e-mail in which the message is personalized for each recipient, perhaps referring to the recipient by name within the body of the message.Footers: Repetitive text located in the bottom margin.Hence, it is important to learn some basic guidelines for using MS Word 2013 with ease.How cool is that?WordArt is a gta iv episode liberty city feature that modifies text to include special effects, including colors, shadows, gradients, and 3-D effects.As you complete this introduction to Word, be sure you ask questions.Microsoft Word 2013 Design tab Adding watermark into your document or simply changing its look can be done easily.
If the list is not of a sequential nature, but is a simple itemization of points, you use a bulleted list.
11 applying fonts Font Font arrow Font size Font size arrow.

MS Word will add a file extension to the name.Simply select the number of pages you want printed and click on Print.Word 2013 file to another format if your lil heart desires that.As with a paragraph border, you can place the border around the entire page, or one or more slides.They incorporate a greater extension of the basic character set.A paragraph style changes the entire paragraph in which the insertion point is located, or changes multiple selected paragraphs.Dont worry I have the Ultimate Driving Machine aka BMW right now so not far off in the near future.The most common line spacing options are single, double,.5.You will see various commands and buttons for each tab.You can then select the borders or shades that you want to include in your document.
It is a quick way to format text so that it is vibrant and eye-catching.
Type the comment text in the comment balloon.