mxbox setup 3.5 2.1

Read/Write WP8 NV items read/Write WP8 certificate(NPC, CCC,HWC, RDC) write CoverColor added: SuperDongle Auth for WP8 phones.
not cost you any fee, is free.
added: support to convert log to other third party format to SL3BF module (sl3u.exe) - added: new definition to 'fault' - added: flash loader version to setup - added: RPL backup list load at scan (used for "Write Rpl' with 'Use RPL file' ticked).Latest news, mxkey.5 revision.7, Public-Release.5 revision.7, Public-Release, license informations updated.You have not exhausted the 10 maximum allowed attempts to unlock your modem.Added, Automatic SD cusmkey selection of super SD Auth and PMM Auth function.July 12 mxbox / mxkey.5 revision.2 - bugfixed: processing file with size more then 900MB.With this version, users allowed to update HTI when card plugged to other reader.Added, Latest DCT4plus asic11 sp unlock patch method(Patch on the fly) Added, DCT4plus asic11 online logger client Added, extended GSM/wcdma band type set Improved, BB5 (RAP/CMT) automobile engineering books rk rajput nand flash handling Improved, Flash chip info.NK - Added, BB5 Flashing support for ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) BOX.Exe) it's brand new support tool and firmwares download support client.Alimhape on February :45:15 HOT!Mkey - New ZTE Dashboard added Added new files: ZTE MF616 comcel - Columbia ZTE MF626 comcel - Columbia ZTE MF110 movistar - Columbia ZTE MF100 utel - Ukraine 3gtell edition version APR 11 mxkey unlock 1202, 1661, 1662, 5030 - All asic 11 DCT4.Features: - NOT need any logs, credits, more money - NO more loose any warranty on unlocked BB5 SL1 and SL2 phones - NOT any risk to damage any PM fields like PM120 and/or PM308 - all unlocked phones are now exactly like originally unlocked.
Fixed, DCT4 bootloader bug - Minor bug fixes BB (BlackBerry module) - Initial release of BlackBerry Unlocker added to full setup.
November 10, mxkey / mxbox.5 revision.5.

Refurbish Flashing support by USB, recovery(Dead) Flashing support by USB - added: Service Utility for WP8.Working in sync mode with modules for better usage.Added, simlock2 phones detection (with PM308 protected/read only) ; simlock2 SL2' or 'simlock2' firmware) phones RPL backup will not work with this phone because of superdongle_KEY cannot be restored.Work on following hashes: Work on ALL SL1 (slpa) and SL2 (SL20) phones based on RAP3gV2, RAP3gV3 and rapido.Added, Credit check function.FEB 25 mxkey - free Vodafone ADD-ON free Vodafone ADD-ON support all till now known versions of the follow models: - U120s - U120 - V810 - V715 - U120e - U121 - V716 - U401i - V720 - V725 - V712.2 It can.World unique, safe and original (exactly like operator unlocked) unlocking method.Regular minor bugfix - NK Added, BB5 Secure Storage Validation on 'Scan' ; This will validate if simlock or superdongle_KEY is corrupt or not.Added, Download tasks window.