oblivion bad medicine no poison

Its not difficult to complete the quest with no kills, especially if you have Nocturnal's Cowl.
Rpeh Talk 04:48, (EDT) But does he ever die?
Next, whodunit, previous, the Lonely Wanderer.
And I meant no disrespect.It's the quest script that's special, and that is what "fails" the mission if the player is detected at the time the quest script ticks.Just be careful not to run into them on your way out.Or will he simply disappear because he's a quest-object?The most obvious way would be use sneak attacks and the associated bonuses to get one-hit kills.I must now locate Roderick's medicine and replace it with the bottle of posioned sic medicine.Rpeh T C E 03:17, (EDT) As for the poison, what happens to it depends on whether or not you're a PC user and have the Unofficial Oblivion Patch installed.If an entry is marked as "Finishes Quest" it means the quest disappears from the Active Quest list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest.Unsigned comment by ( nba playoffs 2013 games talk ) at 02:04 on 12 September 2007 I noticed the poison is not located in your Potions tab, but rather in the "Everything" tab.
Justeazy 04:32, (UTC) I've tweaked your changes but in general you did a good job!
Hellhound43 14:00, (CDT) There's also a third reward, if you choose to return.

Ulmug gro-Cromgog: "I just don't know.The first part (immediate detection) you can enter the main door a few times holding a torch (or light effect) and if you are already detected as soon as the cell loads, you will not lose the bonus immediately.30 The bottle of poisoned medicine has been placed in the cabinet, and the real medicine removed.That medicine is keeping Roderick alive.On a serious note, I can't believe no one noticed that until now lol.How can he survive for so long with a fever so high?" Neesha: "Roderick's fever is in check, unlike your tongue!Fort Sutch is directly north of Anvil.Speak with, ocheeva to complete the "Enter the Eliminator" mini-quest and receive your next contract.
The next time Roderick is given treatment, he will die.
I've noted the bug but did not make a save far enough back to reproduce the glitch.