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The lessee shall permit lessor and its agents surveyors and workmen to enter into the Leased Premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection or repair of the Leased Premises after giving appropriate notice if feasible.
This will be in addition to the refund by lessor to the lessee of all advances made subject to the deduction on a pro rata basis for any period the lessee was in possession of the Leased Premises.Provided further if the lease is vogue paris september 2013 pdf terminated in accordance with the preceding sentence, lessor shall also be entitled to rent for the balance period of the lock-in period or notice period (in accordance with Clause.1 above whichever is later.Stamp duty for registration of commercial lease deed depends upon the location of the property in various states as local laws are applicable on the same.The serb shall, subject to the terms thereof, pay rent for the said premises at the rate of per month payable monthly in arrears, inclusive of maintenance.3.7 lessor assures that it has the absolute and unrestricted right to lease the Leased Premises to the lessee and to execute this Lease Deed as per the terms and conditions contained herein and that it has complied with all the requisite compliance under applicable.If any permission or No Objection Certificate Is required to be obtained from any authority for granting a lease of the said land as aforesaid the Lessor shall obtain the same at his own costs as a condition precedent to the execution of the Deed.NOW IT IS agreed BY AND between THE parties hereto AS follows:.Lease deed for an immovable property above 11 months is required to be registered under the law.Any instrument of lease deed or the document can be impounded and penalty up to 10 times of the unpaid deficient stamp duty amount can be levied by the Collector of Stamps on the same.Unregistered or deficient stamped lease deed or rent agreement is not admissible as evidence in the court of law.2.2 The rent, by Clause.1 shall be paid monthly in advance on or before the 7th day of each month.Negotiate and mention about the liability of the applicable taxes, levies in the Commercial Lease Deed Format.
Where BY IT IS agreed AND declared AS follows :-.
IN witness whereof the official seal of _ was hereunto and to a duplicate hereof affixed in the manner hereinafter mentioned and serb, New Delhi has, the day and year first above written.

2.4 Provided always, in the event lessor defaults in refunding or repaying the unadjusted advance rent, if any, to the lessee simultaneously upon the handing over of the vacant and peaceful physical possession of the Leased Premises by the lessee to lessor, in accordance with.In the presence.The Commercial Lease Deed Format should specifically mention about the charges related to maintenance, lift operation charges, power backup, parking and all other related to be borne.Term OF lease.1.5.7 The lessee undertakes to sign a separate maintenance agreement and to be bound by the terms and conditions of the said Maintenance Agreement, which shall always be co-existent and run co-terminus with this Lease Deed.Important tips FOR commercial lease deed format FOR THE landlord: The identity and the paying capacity of the proposed tenant should be verified specifically.
Above, within 60 (sixty) days of the due date, lessor apart from its right to claim interest @ 21 per annum with monthly rents for the period of delay, shall also be entitled to terminate the lease anytime after the expiry of said notice period.