open door 2013 level 43

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Tap and hold one finger on simple interest formula calculator the right arrow, then tap and slide to the left on the left arrow on the ground.And this is it!TAP doorway to exit 1 43 Walkthrough 1tage 43 1 Level 43 Walkthrough.And again we have a killer puzzle here!Slide torch up and curtain right now you r4 3ds card games can see the clue: triangle 7, line 3, square.First, follow the colored lines to see which number boxes go with which symbol ( * - column 1 row 1 and column 1 row 2 blue column 1 row 3 and column 1 row 4 green * column 2 row 1 and column.You need to match the symbols to remove all the blocks.1 Level 49 walkthrough.Box 4 box instead of what's shown in the game box 4 box) 4 5 4, now going left to right ( * - follow the lines and do the math on those boxes: / 4/4 1, enter the code: 81231).Sum : 2 triangle 14, 3 line 12, 5 square 25 and the answer 14925.This is all about your skill.If you are having trouble, I have the image to help you with the correct order.Keep following this pattern until all the blocks are removed.For example, the top right image should be a yellow circle in a purple background (the shape of earth).TAP keypad on left side of door.At, for example, we have 2 and 6 (which is 8).

This is a really tough level.You can try it on your own until you go crazy or place the following: on the left side, sleigh, weight and blue weights.Tap and drag the torch up to see some clues, then drag the curtain to see more.At * we have 3 and 4, which is 12 and so on until we get the code 81231.So if you need help with any of the new levels, youre at the right place, as I am here to share with you the 1 walkthrough for Level 41 to Level.The popular 1 escape the room game on Android has been updated with a ton of new levels, turning this game into the most popular and probably best title released by the developer.And now we have the walkthrough for level 51 to level 60!Get the green ball and put it on the gray square.Using the color direction indicators on the floor, tap the colors on the wall in the correct order.So on top we have the piece from the ceiling, next the black and gray one, then the green piece and finally the star.
2 8, 4 * 3, 8 - 5, 4 / 1 8, 12, 3,.