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Make sure you have proper trail file specified in the purgeoldextracts parameter and restart the manager process.
You can create multiple keys, if needed.
Prodduturi 9:24 pm on, september 12, 2016, tags: abended, Extract ( 5 ), exttrail, exttrail purge, files, GoldenGate ( 6 ), Goldengate trail files not purging, lag, manager, manager not purging, manager not working, minkeep, minkeepdays, minkeepfiles, minkeephours, minkeep_rules, OLD, Oracle ( 6 ), Oracle.8/17, this chapter describes the security features you can use to protect your Oracle GoldenGate HP NonStop environment and the data that is being processed.All records going into those files are encrypted both across any data links and within the files themselves.To define your own key The key name can be a string of 1 to 24 alphanumeric characters without spaces or"tion marks.You can use a wildcard to specify all groups.5.2 Generating Encryption Keys You must sublime twitter bot account creator create at least one encryption key and two enckeys lookup files, one on the source and one on the target, if you want to: Encrypt data sent across TCP/IP Use a user-defined key to encrypt the database password This.A database password, the data sent across TCP/IP.1.1 How Data is Encrypted, the following encryption methods are used: To encrypt trail or extract files, Oracle GoldenGate uses 256-key byte substitution.You can then leave it decrypted for downstream trails or files, or you can use encrypttrail to encrypt the data again before it is written to those files.Reference for Oracle GoldenGate for Windows and unix.Use the encrypted password in the parameter files.This line covers security for any other users that were not explicitly granted or denied access by preceding rules.If the names are different, use the optional rmtname specification to specify the name of the passive Extract.For each key that you generated, enter a logical name followed by the key value itself.When purgeoldextracts is used, usecheckpoints is default, where Manager process use checkpoints of the processes reading the trail files to purge them.On the target system, Oracle GoldenGate decrypts the data before writing it to the Oracle GoldenGate trails (unless trail encryption also is specified).Process ID 12187, log Read Checkpoint File :00:59. .
Table 5-2 Sample Cmdsec File with Explanations File Contents Explanation -GG command security Comment line status replicat 100 15 NO status replicat is denied to user 15 of group 100.

NO Denies all commands to all users.Table 5-3 Incorrect cmdsec Entries File Contents Description status replicat 100 15 NO status replicat is denied to user 15 of group 100.The command provides the following options.Checkpoint Lag 00:00:00 (updated 1810:37:04 ago).Blowfish encryption can be combined with Oracle GoldenGate trail encryption.Encrypt blowfish specifies Blowfish encryption.The host_name and IP_address options specify the name or IP address of the source system.Userid user_id, password password, encryptkey default keyname, where: user_id is the database user name for the Oracle GoldenGate process.
Replicat always decrypts data automatically when the master key and wallet method is used.
A checkpoint file is used only to determine whether the passive Extract group is running or not and to record information required for the remote connection.