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Biro and Robert.What Mind-Body Problem?, in Boston Review, nba playoffs 2013 games Vol.Lecture Four (Monday 15 September) Kim (2005, Chapter 2).6381; and, with reflections, in his The Intentional Stance, MIT Press, Cambridge MA,.This is a May 13, 2014 British Journal for the History of Philosophy.Representationalist Theories of Consciousness, in Brian McLaughlin and Ansgar Beckermann and Sven Walter (Eds The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mind, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009.Zalta (Ed Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2002.The final grade will be determined as follows: Reading Summaries: 10 Presentation: 20 First Paper: 20 Final Paper: 50 Note : Graduate students or students enrolled for upper level writing credit will be required to write longer essays.This is available online through our library.The course may be taken for upper level writing credit.Warfield (Eds Mental Representation: A Reader, Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1994,.What Psychological States are Not, in The Philosophical Review, Vol.From logical method TO 'messing about'Kuusela, Marie McGinn (isbn: ) from Amazon's Book Store.Optional Reading Place, Ullin.
Lecture Six (Monday 22 September) Kim (2005, Chapter 3).
The Rediscovery of Light, in The Journal of Philosophy, Vol.

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PDF Optional Reading Byrne, Alex.4, Action Theory and Philosophy of Mind, 1990,.Rails to Innity: Essays on subject matters from Wittgensteins Philosophical Investigations, Cambridge, MA, Harvard college Press.Note : The due date is now Wednesday 17 December.Psychologism and Behaviorism, in The Philosophical Review, Vol.Note that the 2nd Edition is requiredmake sure you do not buy the 1st Edition.Welcome to my AH blog, rSS.PDF Lecture Twenty Six (Monday 8 December) Jackson, Frank.Lecture Thirteen (Monday 20 October) For today, read at least one of the following two paperswe'll talk about both in class.PDF Lecture Nineteen (Monday 10 November) Kim (2005, Chapter 9,.