password protect folder on windows web server

WebServer /configuration Hopefully this is a simple problem and thanks in advance for any help!
Line 2 - kindle book problems ipad Sets the title of the username/password box that will popup when someone tries to view your protected page.
There are various routes: - Use some jericho season 2 episode 8 piece of script to process requests for access and validate them against username and password (eg in a database).Reply With" 0, 07:15 AM #7, there is no Windows equivalent.htaccess.Youve successfully password protected your website.Use an isapi Filter (usually called an authentication filter).Any sort of permissions file we can upload or anything?Probly not very secureat all but does not require anything to be installed on the server.Our hosting servers will block web access to any files beginning, but its recommended that the password file is not in a publicly accessible folder.Upload the.htpasswd file to your website using FTP.Is Provider running IIS or Apache?
For example, if you wanted to protect your entire website you could place the.htaccess file in your web folder.

(For someone who knows what they're doing I'm sure this will look ridiculous).Chris at m Windows Linux hosting and fully managed dedicated servers with great customer service!Reply With" 0, 07:23 AM #8 I would agree with the ASP components, but it would be some programming involved which I don't think they are prepared to do that.I know Windows, but I am a little stumped on this one.Therere lots of free tools that will encrypt the password for you, but you can use our tool below.All I need is the folder to be password-protected.Take a look at m for ideas.
M, reply With" 0, 02:17 PM #2, if you have access to IIS (on the server under "Administrative Services navigate to the folder that needs protecting and right click properties.