pokemon ruby walkthrough guide

They can be obtained in the following ways: Supreme Autumn Poke Puff: Rewarded when completing the Berry Picker mini-game on the Unlimited difficulty with a five star rank.
Requires Rock Smash to clear out the boulder in the way.
Great Customer: Spent 100,000 at the PokeMart.
Battle Virtuoso: Complete 2,000 battles.Sharpedo: At the Battle Resort, in the Beach House on the right.Evolution Tech: Evolve 10 Pokemon.Storage Key Result: Required to open the storage space in Sea Mauville.Acquired from: The Berry Master; or the little girl at Sootopolis.Acquired from: Routes 118, 119, and 123; in Lilycove City from cool record edit pro serial key the Gentleman; or earn the "Super" rank in contests to get it from a fan.TM 75 (Swords Dance Obtain from a Black Belt at Lavaridge Town.
Heat Badge, route 117, Verdanturf Town, Rusturf Tunnel, Route 116, Route 111-112, Fiery Path, Route 113, Fallarbor Town, Route 114, Meteor Falls,.

Lucarionite and Star Light Decoration: Win all five Master Rank contests, and then defeat Lisia in any contest.Note: You can delete moves or HMs by visiting the Move Deleter at Lilycove City.TM 24 (Thunderbolt Help Gym Leader Wattson in his apartment at New Mauville.Save the game, then move towards the center of the area.Move Tutor 9: all the wrong reasons jl paul pdf It is found at Stand 3 at the Battle Resort.Secret Base 10: Do 10 battles in a Secret Base.Base #73 - Secret Shore: On a rocky path in the west side of the area.