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In Blitz mode, should a Bomb Gem reach 0, the new crack version idm game immediately ends.
When matched or detonated, it destroys three rows and columns of gems from where the gem was detonated.
Your game ends when the spinner lands on the skull gems.Gems cannot be rotated counterclockwise.Doom Gems are a unique combination of a Coal, Bomb, and Locked Gem.The Disarm Spinner doesn't appear in Blitz mode, so if a bomb hits 0, it instantly explodes and the game ends.These gems appear starting at Level 2 in Classic mode, and instantly in Blitz Mode.If the same thing is done again, the multiplier decreases.Locked gems: Once you reach level four in Bejeweled Twist, random gems will become locked.Fortunately there are some typical Bejeweled elements that still remain in this new version.All gems are scored the same unless you create a match containing a special gem.It appears as a gem on fire.If the gem isn't matched after the next move, it becomes a Doom Gem.Only one Doom Gem appears on the board at a time.Flame gems explode when they are matched and destroy the eight gems that surround them.Lightning Gem edit Lightning Gems are created when 5 gems are matched in a row.
Classic mode: The basic way to play Bejeweled Twist and consists of a board containing regular gems, bomb gems, doom gems and locked gems.
They have a counter that counts down on every non-matching move that is made.

Normal gems come in eight different colors and shapes such as square -shaped rubies, rhombus -shaped topazes, sphere -shaped diamonds, decagonal emeralds, crystal -shaped sapphires, triangle -shaped amethysts and hexagon -shaped tourmaline.There are 13 planets to clear.References edit External links edit.Any other Fruit Gems cleared due to having the same color as the Fruit Gem that was matched acts like a Flame Gem instead.If you are unable to match the bomb gem before time runs out, you will have another opportunity by spinning the Disarm Spinner.Bomb Gems edit This is the most dangerous gem in the game.Bad Gems edit The gems over here give obstacles for the player and can end the game.There are several different modes of gameplay available.When this special gem is matched with other gems, it sends an impressive bolt of energy that destroys all gems in the same column and row.