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You may be better off to move to the Firefox ESR official release (which eventually will include Australis or Palemoon).
7zip) to extract the content from the exe file.Although recent versions have serious compatibility issues with.4 Download Prompt Firefox will ask where to save downloads.Contents Differences from Mozilla Firefox edit Firefox Portable retains all of Mozilla Firefox's abilities such as extensions and automatic updating.Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.Windows computer or, linux uNIX computer running, wine.Personal settings, bookmarks, and any installed extensions and themes are stored on the flash drive along with Firefox Portable.4 No Disk Cache The browser disk cache has been disabled windows 7 install drivers automatically to decrease disk size and the number of writes to the disk, possibly increasing disk life.Firefox Portable's ability to delete cookies and the download history on exit is not enabled by default, as per a licensing agreement with Mozilla.4 Add-ons and extensions appear to take longer to install.Modifications to reduce the number of writes to the flash drive have also been added.(December 2015 mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition (formerly known as, portable Firefox and commonly known as, firefox Portable ) is a repackaged version.Every version of Firefox ever released is still available from Mozilla - we will send the user to the appropriate download location per each users needs.The web cache and browser history were previously disabled under the release.0.3 Features edit Launcher Performs a number of functions including: adjustment of paths to external programs (mime types adjustment of paths to local homepages, intelligent recreation of the component registry as you move drives, backup/restore of certain registry keys in certain instances, cleaning of folders.
It is compatible with Windows, xP, Vista, 7, 8,.1, 10 as well.
The content is essentially the same as your portable / zip version.

All versions that shouldn't be recommended mac os x server 10.6 64 bit vmx in a support answer in this forum; not withstanding the linking of non-Mozilla download websites is frowned upon in this forum.USB flash drive, 1 2, cD-ROM, or other portable device on any.Multiple profiles are not supported (a somewhat hidden feature in the official Firefox however, m released Multiple Profile Support for Firefox Portable.The application allows Firefox to be run from.Please check the following for setting up the profile: ยป zillazine.This article needs to be updated.WinPE, xP and, bartPE, xP, the old version is compatible with.
4 Update Prompt As updating the browser on a flash drive can be very slow, Firefox Portable asks you if you'd like to update rather than doing it automatically.