pre race trading guide

Which I previously had no experience or interest.
Spending an hour or two trading each day before going and getting wasted again.Itd be a lie to crysis 2 crack full oyun say I havent, I mean who hasnt right?This commission comes at no additional cost to you.Horse racing markets were a little more interesting to me as I could see quite clearly you could make money from sentiment within the markets, even if you didnt have a clue about the form.And although I cant say categorically, I think its down to the fact that Betfair know the kind of customers we generate arent going to blow their income on the sportsbook after, thats what makes them money, right?The biggest motivator was probably having others tell me it was impossible.The information that I particularly found useful was in relation to how different races/time periods have different market environments and that different strategies should be employed for different race types.First of all the guide cost 39 and is 43 pages long.He is also on Twitter and Facebook and frequently gives out back to lay trades and snippets of advice and appears to be an all round decent bloke.Although I was in the Army and without any qualifications it seemed like something I could.Id advise anyone that starts to make rapid progress in their betting to be careful who they share the details with.The first month I went full-time I remember I made around 4,500 it was a scary experience to say the least.It seems strange to me that Betfair dont use the likes of you, Paulo Rebelo, Peter Webb, Dan Weston as the focal points of marketing the exchange.Its a tricky one though as Ive later found out that some of them arent as genuine as they seem.
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What happened to the favourite that had steamed in under.0 with 5 minutes still left?

I couldnt ever go back to doing a job I hated its more important than all the money in the world.The guide is basically an overview of how the horse racing markets function and how it is possible to make money from these markets.But winning is quite addictive, there was a point where literally I didnt want to miss one race.I couldnt leave it alone!Any kind of inspiration is always welcome though, theres only ever one way to fail for certain and thats to stop trying.From that point onwards I did something that I think many dont; I made the decision and got obsessed with trading, coming in from work and knuckling down until the small hours.It was all great fun dont get me wrong, but there came a point where I was like this is stupid.