procedure in sql server 2008

Create procedure pDeleteWorkOrder ( @WorkOrderID int ) AS SET nocount ON; begin TRY begin transaction - Delete rows from the child table, WorkOrderRouting, for the specified work order.
Possibly the most anticipated T-SQL feature of SQL Server 2008 is the new Table-Valued Parameters.This gives you a new SQL data type called Structured that you will use when creating the parameter.StatementType 'Delete' Figure8 we delete record from table which has id2 Click on the ok Button.Interoperability The Database Engine saves the settings of both SET"d_identifier and SET ansi_nulls when a Transact-SQL procedure is created or modified.If a default value is defined for a parameter, the procedure can be executed without specifying a value for that parameter.Therefore, a syntactically correct procedure that references tables that do not exist can be created successfully; however, the procedure fails at execution time if the referenced tables do not exist.If the data type of the parameter is a CLR user-defined type, you must have execute permission on the type.Avoid using scalar functions in select statements that return many rows of data.
The specified method must be a static method of the class.

Use the Transact-SQL trycatch feature for error handling inside a procedure.IF object_ID ( 'pGetEmployees2 'P' ) IS NOT null drop procedure pGetEmployees2; GO create procedure pGetEmployees2 @LastName nvarchar(50) N'D @FirstName nvarchar(50) N' AS SET nocount ON; select FirstName, LastName, JobTitle, Department from mployeeDepartment where FirstName like @FirstName AND LastName like @LastName; The uspGetEmployees2 procedure can.Sql_modules where object_id object_ID(N'tCustomers AND objectproperty(id, N'IsProcedure 1) begin print 'Stored Procedure Exists' END result also read How to check if a Database exists cd player for kids Approach 4: Using object_ID function We can use object_ID function like below to check if a GetCustomers Stored procedure exists.Road-750 Black, 48 539.99 Road-750 Black, 52 539.99 (14 row(s) affected) These items can be purchased for less than 700.00.Objects catalog view ocedures catalog view inherits the rows from the sys.A case expression is used in the SET clause to conditionally determine the value that is set for VacationHours.
IF object_ID ( 'pGetEmployees 'P' ) IS NOT null drop procedure pGetEmployees; GO create procedure pGetEmployees @LastName nvarchar(50 @FirstName nvarchar(50) AS SET nocount ON; select FirstName, LastName, JobTitle, Department from mployeeDepartment where FirstName @FirstName AND LastName @LastName; GO The uspGetEmployees procedure can be executed.