pros and cons of graduating high school a semester early

Lorenz is able to graduate early because she, like Penny, has taken summer classes each summer.
Though you're moving micromax canvas 2 cricket games on to bigger and better things, you'll miss the town you spent the last four years in and all the friends you made.
"We have to consider living in residential halls, the whole social aspect of college.".Maybe if out-of-state tuition was decreased, I would stay longer, Penny said.Con: Finding a job, job search is the dread of most graduating seniors.On one hand she said she wishes she could have more time to make memories with friends.She is, however, thrilled to be working with kids.But that's not always the case anymore.Some students, however, are doing the exact opposite by planning to graduate earlier than many of their classmates.Several people are curious as to why these students are graduating early.

Pro: Bragging rights, over 50 of Americans who begin college don't graduate.Also, a student graduating early will be younger than the average 17- or 18-year-old heading to college.Join the rest of us graduating seniors!Though you'll have to start paying bills, you'll also be able to do things you couldn't before you had money and freedom from academic life.Pro: No more tests/group projects, though you'll probably have to work in groups during your career, they won't be nearly as difficult as coordinating with 3 other people that have vastly different schedules and levels of motivation.Everyone in your family and circle of friends wants to see you succeed and get your dream job, but this can mean being asked this question hundreds of times.I am losing a whole year of college experience, but I dont think that outweighs the advantages, Penny said.Kellerman is a little nervous about the workload.You'll probably be waking up at 6 to get ready and commute to work, but at least you're getting paid!No more broke college kid life."It used to be that your best and brightest were finishing quickly says Sunil Samuel, director of admissions at Hofstra University in Hempstead.
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"If they're not taking challenging course work in their high schools, will they be able to handle college-level work?" Samuel would want to see strong recommendation letters from a guidance counselor or principal assuring admissions staff an applicant is capable of meeting the challenge.