real vnc toggle full screen

In full screen mode the window I switch to stays hidden behind the uvnc viewer, though., iN short what I would like is that other windows can be on top of uvnc viewer even if the later is in full-screen mode.
The F8 key can be used to hide and unhide this toolbar.If you cannot get vnc to exit the full screen, you might at least be able to switch virtual desktops to get around.Also, imho, this is much more efficient as I do english speaking books best not have to press CtrlF11 garbh sanskar pdf ebook and CtrlAltF12 all the time before hitting Alt-Tab.If you have not used or set up virtual desktops, you should try.Categories, computer Tips And Tricks).By starting up vnc in a separate virtual desktop just for it, you can just leave it in full screen mode and move to and from it with the virtual desktop shifting.I know this works if I switch to windowed mode.Another is that I can't get to the Viewer toolbar and start a file transfer.
Posted on, may 7, 2008 by, gautam, seems like an easy thing, but did struggle a bit when I had to do it the first time.

By the way, why not always using CtrlF11 to toggle or CtrlF11 for windowed and CtrlShiftF11 for full-screen?You can enter and exit full screen mode using the toolbar at the top of the VNC viewer window. .Once I connect to any system within the network, I can select the Full screen option to browse the other system as though Im sitting at that system.Basically, with Scroll Lock on I can use Alt-Tab to switch between windows on the computer I am controling.Anyways, other then that this is a great program.We also have CtrlF11 and CtrlAltF12 to change between windowed and full screen.I have done this with qemu in full screen mode and I was still able to shift to and from it via virtual desktops.Using CtrlAlt(one of the arrow keys) is a common way to do that.Is there a way to exit full-screen under Windows 7 with TightVNC Viewer?If you have to come out of the Full Screen mode, then press F8 and un-check Full Screen option.In my opinion it is much more intuitive because even in full-screen mode I can switch to other windows but they are just not displayed (confusing).