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Compatible with NI NKS system, serial/license system with activation whilst registering the product 2nd serial for a secondary computer/laptop is available after you have registered the products original serial/license.
Sapphire II holds a mountain of potential for any musical genre.Tim Waters (32 presets download, antonio Sage (32 presets download.Waveform symmetry, ramp up and down times, frequency humanize, frequency key tracking, output smoothing, start phase, and other parameters are provided.Second, while the envelopes can nominally be synced to the host digidesign pro tools 10 transport clock, all the sync button really does is introduce a graphic grid to the editing windowand the envelope points dont snap to the grid.The first download link below includes all the blue user banks converted into blue-II banks in one zip file.Numerous midi sources are provided, including release velocity and poly aftertouch.Too many of the soft synths Im reviewing these days are just fantastic!Controlling a comb filters frequencies from two slow LFOs sounds wonderful.The modulation routing matrix itself is simple and easy to use.

Comb filtering, formant filtering, and ring modulation are also in the menu.The X/Y modulation source, on the other hand, is stellar.This is less useful than it might be, as the ratios given are not related to the fundamental as simple whole-number harmonic fractions such.75.The arpeggiator is also well designed.The filters outputs can be routed to any of the four effects individually, to effects A and B, to effects C and D, or to all effects in parallel.Blue II is not perfect, but even so, I couldnt find much to gripe about.
Playback location can be looped and quantized to the host tempo.
It would be nice to see a couple of refinements in the mod sequencer and multi-segment envelopes, but theres plenty here right now to keep any computer-savvy musician in a state of bliss.