run macro without opening access

Here is the galaxian arcade game windows macro in the access database: Sub copy dim strTable As String, dim strWorksheetPath As String strWorksheetPath "FilePath" "test.
If it exists, then don't invoke Access.You may also want to read: Run Excel Macro from Access VBA.Select Action, runCode, and then type the Function we want to call runHello.Now you can double click on the Macro on the left hand side to run.If there is no ldb for that file, then invoke Access.This may not be worth much, but I have not had much luck with the.If there is a way around this, without opening the database at all it'd be great.To make a Form open by default you can follow the similar Steps: File - Options - Current Database - Display Form (select the hidden form, from the drop down list).We will explain why we need to do this step.You can run subs in Access from a VB app.Is there a way to do want I am trying.Right now, I have it set so that it writes the data to the database, then opens the database, runs the macro and then closes the database - this seems somewhat ineffecient.I have an excel program which writes data to an Access database.
Quit end Sub, this is a sample t sub.
Database Dim rs As cordset Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Dim rge As Range Dim strDatabase As String Dim strTable As String Dim strWorksheetPath As String ' These are variables you need to set before running strDatabase "c:cdb" strWorksheetPath "c:databasesheatlink".

Answers, i think I understand what you're asking, but correct me if I misunderstand.You should also add error checking.The sub runs synchronously here - means you won't go to the next line of code in the VB app until Access finishes runnning the sub.There is more information, but that will make it confusing, I just need to know if it is possible to run an existing query via VBA instead of openening.However, the only way I know how to make a query run in vba is the OpenQuery method, which actually opens.On the other hand, there is no action to run Sub Procedure directly, thats why we have to create a Function and call the Sub Procedure.Sub RunAccess dim AccApp As Access.Instead, we should create a button for them to double click to run the Macro.When you see answers and helpful posts, please click Vote As Helpful, Propose As Answer, and/or glock 30 ghost 3.5 connector Mark As Answered.
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Run Access Macro using RunCode, press altf11 to go back to VBE.