scrabble dictionary words that start with v

To help accommodate all players I have color-coded the words appearing with their definitions down below this word list.
To work or cause to work loose.
To start with, in the first place noun.
Freaking Out About Age Gaps in Gay Relationships Is Homophobic Samantha Allen January 8, 2015 iso file reader windows But maybe you have to start somewhere else with Lamont Waltman Marvin, Monty, his father, the Chief, the old man.In other words, if you're from North America, DO NOT play the blue seven letter words - the others are fine.Aconite a poisonous herb, also aconitum n -S.Blue the words that are not valid Scrabble words in North America.This is not, however, the official dictionary used in North American Scrabble - here you use the.
To be among the entrants in a race or the initial participants in a game or contest.

False start first attested 1850.The place or time of starting, as of a race or performance.Browse this comprehensive list of two-letter words with V to find your best possible play!I've formatted them all in a really easy-to-study way that readers are loving.Explorations in Australia John Forrest British Dictionary definitions for start start /stt/ verb.Agonies agony, extreme suffering n agonise to suffer agony, also agonize v agonised, agonising, agonises aileron a balancing flap on a aeroplane n -S alerion in heraldry, an eagle displayed without feet or beak, also allerion n -S aliener one that transfers property n -S.To establish or be established; set up: to start a business.A chance, opportunity, aid, or encouragement given to one starting on a course or career: The bride's parents gave the couple a start by buying them a house.Here are the top seven letter words again, this time in alphabetical order, with brief definitions.Ok, ok, here they are now.
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