secure web server configuration

Add following a line to load module for Mod Security in nf and save the configuration file LoadModule unique_id_module modules/mod_unique_ LoadModule security2_module modules/mod_ Restart apache web server Mod Security is now installed!
We require some tool to examine http Headers for verification.
There are much available however, I would use SSL-Scan free tool.
Types of Certificates, if you installed your secure server from the RPM package provided by Red Hat, a randomly generated private key and a test certificate are generated and put into the appropriate directories.2.1 Remove Server Version Banner, i would say this is one of the first things to consider, as spider man 2 activision game you dont want to expose what web server version you are using.4.5 Disable http.0 Protocol When we talk about security, we should protect as much we can.SSL Having SSL is an additional layer of security you are adding into Web Application.Protecting your private key The next screen allows you to set your key passphase.

For example, most dragon city hack tool v5.7 no survey firewalls can be configured to restrict the number of simultaneous connections from any individual IP address or network, thus preventing a range of simple attacks.Change localhost to your actual domain name.Following are tested on Apache.4.x and I dont see any reason it wont work with Apache.2.x.Options -FollowSymLinks, turning off multiple Options, if you want to turn off all Options simply use: Options None.6.3.1 Logging Logging is one of the first things to configure so you can have logs created for what Mod Security is doing.Note that this setting is the default since Apache.3.9.Any SSL v2/v3 communication may be vulnerable to a Man-in-The-Middle attack that could allow data tampering or disclosure.Disclaimer: The thing about security is that there are no guarantees or absolutes.Default apache configuration support options, GET, head, post, PUT, delete, trace, connect method in http.1 protocol.6.3 Getting Started Lets get it started with some of the important configuration in Mod Security to harden secure web applications.Analyze your log files to determine the appropriate values.
ServerTokens Prod, serverSignature Off, restart apache, serverSignature will remove the version information from the page generated like 403, 404, 502, etc.