sharp ar 5316 manual

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Routine maintenance checking THE total output count AND toner 56 checking THE total output count.56 checking THE toner level AND drum cartridge life 57 toner level drum cartridge life routine 58 cleaning THE document GLA.
To change the paper size start setting of another tray, repeat steps 2 to 5 after pressing the start key ( ).
Envelopes with tape, film, or paper attached to the flap.(p.14) 2 Document feeder cover (when the SPF is installed) 10 Side cover /document cover Open to remove paper misfeeds and perform Open to make.The following items are normally prohibited from copy.2 * "dpi" dots per inch is unit that is used to measure resolution.Disassembly and assembly;.Printer functions 29, uSER settings 31, troubleshooting.Notes provide information relevant to the machine regarding specifications, functions, Note performance, operation and such, that may be useful to the user.(p.50) Place the original(s).Flash ROM version up procedure; Preparation; Download procedure; Installation procedure;.Routine maintenance 56, peripheral devices, aND supplies 60, appendix.While the machine is in operation, machine is warming up, a misfeed may occur and the.Exercise care in this area when data rescue pc 2 removing misfed paper.
Connect the machine to a power outlet which is not used for other electric appliances.

Envelopes with metal tabs, clasps, strings, holes, or windows.Machine power must be turned off before installing any supp.This is ideal for business use and provides a big boost to workplace productivity.Be sure to connect the power cord only to a power outlet that meets the specified voltage and current requirements.Warning Cautions the user ps multi tools v10.1 that damage to the machine or one of its components may result if the contents Caution of the caution are not properly followed.Normal copying This section explains how to make a regular copy.The indicator blinks while the machine is Shows the set number of copies, as well.The indicator lights up when the machine (p.12) is online, and goes off when the machine is 8 9 Display off-line.Doing so may damage your eyes.Paper tray holds 250 sheets of paper.
Operation manual, page, before using, tHE machine 8, cOPY functions.