simply accounting 2012 serial number

In that case, contact the manufacturer, explain your situation, and ask whether they can re-issue the serial number and what they need from you to.
This is more common with Lot Control, where you are tracking all components in a lot, but it does apply to Serial Numbers as well.
You might find your Windows product key on a sticker attached to your computer.Here's how they work and how they keep you safe.Which one is right.To get Serial Number and Lot tracking (which is discussed in this article ) you have to purchase the Advanced Inventory feature, which is available for an one piece green databook 2 additional fee.There is a nice filter feature at the top, where you can limit the list that is displayed to include serial numbers that start with, end with or contain a particular value.Order confirmation: Maybe you downloaded the software and thus dont have any physical media.Since Windows 8, we have two new options: Refresh and Reset.I had a company file set up to use Lot Tracking for one of my blog posts.
If youre lucky, this also contains the serial number.

That makes a major change as to how the sales transactions are posted to the financial statements, and to get around that you have to do a lot of manual adjustments and journal entries.You must be able to locate an assembly that uses a particular serialized item.You can use this to add or remove serial numbers.If you need tight control over serialized items this isnt your product, at least not yet.It retrieves serial numbers from the registry, meaning it wont find keys stored in the bios or outside the registry.You need a password manager.Here is a list of problems that I can see at this point: I wish that I could specify which items were to have serial numbers, so that I can leave the warnings on about blank serial number fields, but not have it pop.
For instance, selling licenses for software products?
Should You Refresh, Reset, Restore, or Reinstall Windows?