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Moreover, Microsoft periodically publishes updates to SQL Server Books Online.
The DB-Library 411 wrestling smackdown report Options Tab When you click the DB-Library Options tab, you see the dialog in Figure.11.
Glossary The Glossary explains terms used throughout the SQL Server Books Online.They appear just for convenience; you still have only one copy of each service running on your computer, being shared by all instances of SQL Server on that machine.However, you should know enough now to begin using the tool as you move.This said, it's worth noting that many features of this application are somewhat sophisticated, and all cpu meter gadget you will explore them net framework 4.5 redistributable for windows 8 as you progress through this book.The Connections tab allows you to configure how long Query Analyzer will wait when attempting to log in to SQL Server.In most cases, you will want to use a Profiler trace because it reflects actual database activity.Figure.12 The Server Network utility.It has been greatly enhanced in SQL Server 2000 to be the programmer's and the database administrator's best friend.If the query you are working with takes a long time to run, and you want to experiment with your query, you don't have to actually run the query each time.However, DTS is a very sophisticated tool and could be an entire 21-day book by itself.Figure.24 The Object Search dialog.When you want to go back to that topic, simply double-click the entry in your Favorites list.
Data Transformation Services The data transformation services (DTS) tool is explained in this Books Online book.

To take this example a step further, add another line of code so that your query pane contains the following Transact-SQL commands: use pubs select * from authors select * from titles Run these queries again (using one of the methods examined earlier and notice.SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2008r2.Otherwise, make sure that you typed the server name correctly.First, verify that the SQL Server service is running on the computer you are trying to log.The books ship as a compiled set of html pages, so you can view them within the context of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later.Figure.28 The Registered SQL Server Properties dialog.A little later in this article you will learn about a tool called the Index Tuning Wizard, which can be used to recommend optimal indexes for an entire database.Step 2: Configure the use of local help.This option allows requests to the proxy server to be rerouted to SQL Server and for SQL Server to respond to these requests.They are, as you might guess, closely related.
Let's take a look at some of the key features included with Query Analyzer that can be used to help performance tune Transact-SQL code.