stadium editor for cricket 07

Resources: The RSG files,": The RSGs for various tournaments can be found from the 247th to the 271st rows of the fshlist.
Pool games are added in the pool tags followed by the number of games and the pool number (ID).This states that it is the first match, being played at the first location, between the first and the second team on 26th October, 2010 and is a day match.A simple understanding of an RSG file.Its the Index number which identifies the stadium and not the alias.quot;: pool games6 id0 /pool Similarly, if its a round robin stage, the tags used are round.Every RSG has a particular set of itself and that cannot be changed.It might be hectic to edit, so we are publishing.For example, this tag represents that this is the first round and the pool has 6 matches.They control the teams participating, the locations, the time, the date and possibly the overs (match length).Date can be edited by editing the Day, Month and the Year value in numerics.ID_australia The Stadiums Index Numbers": The Stadium Index Numbers can be found in file from data.It works in 2011 version also!Before the start of the pools or rounds, the locations and the teams have to be mentioned.Teams and stadiums can be edited through editing the contents of the teams and locations tags respectively and the time can be edited by change the Night boolean value.
If the teams participating are Australia (Game index 0 Scotland (Game Index 61 South Africa (Game Index 30) and Netherlands (Game index 21 then the teams tag looks like this,": teams team id0 aliasAustralia Index0 / team id1 aliasScotland Index61 / team id2 aliasSouth.
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For example: registry editor windows 8.1 The Index code for Auckland is 2 stadium nameAdelaide locationadelaide id 2 sky1 ScoreboardType0/ I know that it is very difficult to understand editing RSGs at one go, but trying it out again and again would make one understand it quickly.The IDs begin from 0 and so the first pool has the ID 0, second has the ID 1 and.What is an RSG file?The Teams Index Numbers,": The Teams Index Numbers can be found in the file from data.This is the most important part.How the games inside the pool and round tags are?
For example: The Index code for Australia.