star wars battlefront 2 1.1 dvd patch

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids.
Commanders carry a blaster pistol for short range protection and emergency use if their chaingun is overheated or did not have time to spin.
Blaster Rifle, Wrist Blaster Guidable Rockets (Rocket Launcher Heavy Weapons Class, Marine Class Fires a guidable rocket.Planetary vehicles Each faction uses three distinct types of vehicles.Also on cut throat figure and whiskey pete the Tantive IV, the main view shows elongated stars, even though the ship is actually in the hangar bay of an Imperial Star Destroyer.They can also use Rally to temporarily boost all nearby friendly troops' morale and increase their resistance to damage, thus a team is at its most effective when traveling with a Clone Commander.These bonuses can be used to aid their forces, protect command posts, or harm enemy units.
The weapon is also effective for point defense purposes as well.

The weapon holds a clip of fifty rounds.The instruction manual incorrectly states that the sniper class uses recon droids.Each team gets one Hero at a time, but there can be more than one Hero for each team per match if the Heroes are unlocked more than once.Unlike battleships, they can be destroyed, but are very durable so it takes time.It consists of soldiers armed with missile launchers that are able to lock-on and home in on vehicles, primarily used to destroy vehicles and turrets.As players progress through the game, they play as a clone trooper during the reign of the Republic and as a stormtrooper during the reign of the Empire.This can be achieved by taking off and landing quickly on the edge of the hangar and exiting an aircraft, and walking off the ship and into space, although there is gravity and the player will fall instead of being slowly dragged towards the planet.A map of the galaxy shows planets controlled by the player, enemy-controlled planets, and pockets of empty space.It projects the wearer in a large, sharp upwards arc, landing them only a short distance away.Destroy a damaged Hailfire droid.
Dark Side Abilities Force Choke: An ability that lifts an opponent into the air and slowly chokes them.
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