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They probably (edit: almost certainly) have more experienced and knowledgeable coaches than your average high school team, and have a better relationship with said coach, who is definitely preaching to play the game without regard for things you can't control.
Lastly, I think referee should show more yellow cards than they.
Doesn't help that parents and coaches have a culture of screaming at referees without any semblance of what would be "normal" respect - how often do you see someone yell at a co-worker or a stranger on the sidewalk with as much vigor and hostility.
Watch a state cup or MRL game - while not officiated perfectly, the refs are more fit, have better match rapport with coaches and players, and you will cd jorge aragao da noite pro dia generally see a higher quality of play with less interruption in flow from refs, and less hostility.The crowd almost always becomes an element in a high school match that spirals downhill.My children have played many sports.I agree with you birdofprey that if more cautions are given at the beginning of the game before things get heated up, the rest of the game seems to be played more calmly.If demand is higher than supply, as it is now - increase their pay.Contact on a 50/50 ball is almost a certainty.I am certain that 99 of refs take their role seriously, aim to call unbiased matches, and don't want things to get out of hand.AlwaysInjured14 likes this, very good post ohiosoccer1.Refs who are more knowledgeable and wish to hone their craft will climb the ranks through club where they can make more money and be in less hostile environments.It's hard to blame the referee for bad passing and receiving but that is too often the result.Players feed off that energy.
Screaming at the officials is not going to help.
We as parents should expect the adults in charge to insure the safety of our children playing a recreational high school sport.

If we can enhance the experience for referees we will find more young people interested in becoming one and both our supply and quality issues will be eased (but never entirely).Players see a lot of social "worth" for lack of a better term in their teams' results.I don't know the perfect solution but I have a few ideas - 1) the culture of instant and outspoken hostility against referees has to change.Suddenly one player makes an early physical challenge and the fireworks begin.Coach and one of his players got a yellow card.If we are hurt by a bad call today, we will likely benefit from a bad call next game.It only takes a couple belligerent parents who only watch soccer when their kids are on the field to infect a game.There's no obstruction to see the contact and field of view is greater.Players who are surrounded by people who preach that message will play more calmly and it will be less about "getting revenge".I haven't seen NA, but I wouldn't mind catching them at some point.Screaming at the referee is not going to help your side one bit.
Add in a cross-town rivalry and things heat up more.
Spectator8, guest, great responses ohiosoccer1!