the office season 2 episode 2

Michael: What if Pam was a lesbian?!
As much as were watching export contact office 2007 a guy admit he has all these feelings he can no longer keep bottling up, were also watching a car wreck.
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Todd Packer's license plate reads "wlhung a reference to a large penis, but Ryan interprets it to mean he is a fan of singer William Hung.September 20, 2005, the embarrassing, annual Dundie Awards take place at a Chili's restaurant.The Fight 6 02007 November 1, 2005 Dwight's constant bragging about his martial arts abilities leads to a lunch-time match between Michael and Dwight at Dwight's dojo.Casino Night May 11, 2006 Michael converts the warehouse into a casino for a charity casino night, but ends up with two dates - Jan and his realtor, Carol.2 Cochran was unable to return to play the character for the season six episode " Niagara due to scheduling patch gta v pc conflicts with a year-long theater contract, and was thus replaced by Linda Purl.After Packer tells a crude joke at the expense of Phyllis, Michael defends her, telling the entire office that he finds Phyllis attractive and that the only thing he worries about when he's near her "is getting a boner ".Performance Review 8 02009 November 15, 2005 Michael meets with each of the employees to discuss their work performance, but tends to spend more time thinking about and talking about his kiss with Jan.He claims that Dwight is Cosmo Kramer, failing to realize that he is a character in the sitcom Seinfeld and not Friends.Halloween 5 02006 October 18, 2005 Everybody is dressed up for Halloween, but unfortunately Michael has to fire somebody.Until this viewing, I never picked up on the portent thats laced underneath that release.
Dwight and Angela exchange V-Day gifts.
Which is a perfect way of segueing to an acknowledgement that Ive gone some 700 words about Casino Night and barely glanced off of the episodes big finish.

Sniffing some dude's thong?00:56, the Office Season Two (2006) - Home Video Trailer.(RIP Andy Barker,.I.That look Toby shoots Michael while the latter is getting his ID photo taken is all we need to know: In spite of what he may think, in spite of the advice packed into that conflict-resolution manual he most assuredly hasnt read all the way.Drug Testing April 27, 2006 Dwight starts an investigation when he discovers half of a joint in the parking lot.This episode aired with a warning that it contained adult content and subject matter, which is rare for a network comedy.
2 Kwapis had previously directed " Pilot " and " Diversity Day ".