the sensory team handbook

By Nancy Mucklow, buy the Book from Amazon, reviewer: Allison Martin.
The Sensory Team Handbook, by Nancy Mucklow, by Nancy Mucklow; 165 pages.You learn about the senses and the types of issues that can cause difficulty through cross wiring in the brain the keys karatana song resulting in over- or under-stimulation.The Sensory Team Handbook is a unique book for preteens and teens about sensory integration chock-full of descriptions, suggestions, tips and fun facts designed to involve them in their own sensory integration plan (ie, sensory diet).Bottom line, the Sensory Team Handbook provides a whole new way of looking at exercise and other sensory activities, with many ways to incorporate them into the life with older children, teens, and even adults.A hands-on tool to help young people make sense of their senses and take charge of their sensory processing.But it is perfect for my son, who has high functioning autism and has faced many of these issues.Mucklow, the parent of a pre-teen with sensory issues, couldn't find any sensory-integration resources appropriate for that age group, so she went ahead and wrote one herself.Therapy just patches for cricket 7 isn't practical anymore, but he can do many of these activities with our family or even by himself.In the last few chapters these sensory issues are tied into emotions and social life, so prominent in the lives of teens and preteens.The Sensory Team Handbook is fun and easy to read, with cartoons, bullet lists, comics, icons, diagrams, quizzes and more.From the introduction: "It's a book for pre-teens who have had hard times at school.The explanations and models are accessible and fun, and will be very helpful in understanding the concepts of sensory integration dysfunction.

And you have talents, just like everyone else.Written in teen friendly language - without jargon or complex terms - The Sensory Team Handbook describes the main types of sensory integration issues in a way that teens can discover for themselves just how various sensory integration issues might affect them.But you know that there is something in the way that makes life harder for you than for other pre-teens you know.".After explaining how sensory can affect your brain and body, it covers topics such as gravity, muscles, touch, mouth and hearing and sight.I wish there was also a similar book for those with less involved sensory issues.While a broader, more refined list of sensory impacts and activities/modifications under each type would be helpful, readers will find provides plenty of ideas to begin their own sensory program.Then you learn about activities you can do (such as hiking, swimming, balance activities) and accommodations (such as headphones) to make your life easier.The Sensory Team Handbook would be a great addition to the home, school and professional library.This is a wonderful addition to any home or office with teens that have sensory integration issues.The Sensory Team Handbook is a great approach to making sensory integration accessible to a wider audience; as well as teens, parents are likely to enjoy it also.You look like everyone else.
It's an upbeat, friendly guide to helping the senses work together as a team, and strengthening weaker players.