toota hua tara episode 39

Someone enters the house, getting wrapped in a carpet.
Shivaye comes with Omru.
He says I m not joking, tell me truth, I dont want to plan game client 1.0 0.1 hurt you.She asks pinky promise.Some time before, Anika laughs on Shivayes fake attitude.She asks what will you do if I dont stop.She asks Jhanvi to windows xp professional genuine serial key come out.Khanna asks them to move back.Rudra says I missed the shot.She says Aloo puri is tasty, I will have water later.Anika says Dadi and runs.Rudra says if you said love, it would have sounded good.Shwetlana says we both buried him right, come with me, have medicines and rest.Om asks why do you try and corrects.Shivaye asks her to say truth, why did she leave him.
He says I m illegitimate She says dont think such, please, you are very good.

Gauri says yes, it becomes hard when we get thinking about the family.He looks out of the door.He finds the key and says how did it fall here.She goes to Abhay and thinks where did Shivaye.He performs on Abhi to party shuru hui haiand Kar gayi ivaye takes Anika with him and asks her to open eyes.Rudra says if you and Sumo did not come to save me, third marriage would have happened with Romi, why are girls such.Bhavya says if the person does not agree, its waste to explain.I did on Pinkys saying, she wanted to tell you truth.
Shivaye says we can show if they are wind, we are storm, we have to make a plan, where is Aloo, I have to make Aloo puri, I want to break her by using her weakness.