tutorial ms office word 2003 doc

Produce impressive documents using advanced features emulatore mac per windows 7 like Mail Merge.
Click on save the changes.
It displays menus update for mipony manager nedir such as File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table, Windows, Help and many more. .
Click on the Save button.Formatting Toolbar: Formatting Toolbar Consists of buttons for accessing commonly used formatting features and commands such as Font, Style and Size. .How to Create a New Document in MS Word?It prompt box appears.If you try to close a document in MS Word Without saving it a prompt box appears.The features in Word can make your work easier, make your documents more attractive, and/or enable you to work more efficiently.Work Area: It is the area in the document window where you type the text.
Save As dialog box Step 04: Select the location to save your file by using the Save in drop down list.
If you want to save your document on a new location, follow these steps.

Open, microsoft word by following the given steps and See the Image: Once the computer is on, click on the.Vertical scroll bar, it is used for shifting the MS word Screen display up or down.Horizontal Scroll bar, it is used for shifting the MS word Screen display left or right.Step 01: Click on the File menu in the Menu Bar.Step 01: Click on File menu in the Menu Bar.When you open another document it will be named Document 2 and.For example, you can indent the first line of a paragraph, you can set the amount of space that separates paragraphs, and you can align a paragraph left, right, center, or flush with both margins.If you're just getting started with Word 2003, learn the parts of the Word window in this free lesson.Cursor: Cursor is the blinking vertical line in the work Area that shows the location. .The Save Command is used to store the typed text.
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