twd season 6 episode 2

Eugene suggests they build a wall at a key intersection to ensure none of the walkers split off and make their way to the community.
Abraham still isn't convinced.
"Itll give you some choices next time Morgan says.Later that night, Carol slips out of the bedroom as Tobin sleeps.Enid insists on taking Maggies shift so that Maggie can rest.Walkers drag David off the gate and tear him apart as Heath looks on in horror.He assembles a team of volunteers."Sunday Cable Ratings: 'Walking Dead' Easily Wins Night, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta 'Breaking Amish 'Talking Dead 'Long Island Medium' More"."Cable Live 7 ratings, March 713: 'Walking Dead' leads, 3 shows triple in 18-49".
3 Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams, a former firefighter, who suffered from ptsd after the loss of her brother, Tyreese, and boyfriend, Bob.

Gorman, Bill (November 30, 2010).Near the tracks, Denise spots a cooler inside a car inhabited by a walker.These things are part of the world.Gregory condescends to her and notes that Alexandria is low on provisions.Jeremy Palko as Andy, a resident at the Hilltop Colony."Sunday Cable Ratings: Boardwalk Empire Dips; Soul new in chess yearbook 108 Train Awards, Real Housewives, Dexter, Top Gear More".I have training in this, Denise says.The Saviors drag their captive onto the road.Enid screams at Carl, asking what will happen if Carl and the others dont return.While the character is not specifically named, Berry personally named him Bud.