typing tutor for win xp

Cons: Some lessons in German and English 7 14 votes, pROS: Several languages and keyboard layouts available, Varied lessons, from the easiest to the most difficult.
You can also take typing tests to assess your progress.
It starts with basic lessons on the home keys and neighboring keys, then continues with capitalization, punctuation and numbers.
If you want to practice your skills in a less formal way, you can play typing games that call on you to type quickly and accurately in order to succeed.System Requirements, windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, works on 64 bit, windows.Mac OS.5 or above.7 55 votes 7 38 votes 7 32 votes, download, pROS: Simple, elegant interface, Adapts to help your needs, Lots of customization.Purchase Typing rockstar games gta vice city for psp Tutor with Typing Games.You can choose to take lessons that teach you where specific letters are or lessons that teach you how to type different word sets.What you get, there are three parts to this software, each with its own benefits.You can build up your touch-typing skills with lessons and practice tests; there are around ten hours of these lessons in the package.If you'd like a more scenic screen while learning how to type, Rapid harry potter and chamber of secrets pdf Typing Tutor also offers an animated screen that moves forward every time you click the correct letter.Cons: Program sometimes sticks or freezes 6 61 votes, pROS: A very comprehensive and user-friendly way to learn correct typing habits., There is no payment required to install this software., cons: The latest version of Windows is not supported., Access to more in-depth games will.
If you're already an experienced typist, you won't benefit as much, but then this product isn't really aimed at you.

Rapid Typing Tutor is a typing program for Windows computers that helps you learn how to type, no matter what type of keyboard format you have.If this becomes distracting, there is an option long multiplication box method worksheets to mute the program.Whether you have a regular qwerty keyboard or something a little less traditional, Rapid Typing Tutor probably has your keyboard format saved and available to use for typing lessons.By the end, you should have mastered the basics of touch typing and be well on the way to improving your speed and accuracy.Improve your word power, if you've never really learned to touch-type properly, or if your skills are a little rusty, TypingMaster is a great way to improve your abilities.The lessons are clear and easy to understand, the games are varied and reasonably entertaining, and the analysis widget provides useful insights.Few will sustain interest for more than a few minutes, but that's not what they're for; they're just ways to put some variety into the experience of learning to touch-type.