ultraman mebius and ultraman brothers cast

Made all the more mean-spirited because the ally in question was in the middle of a Monologue about how he and Yapool would be teaming.
Breaking the Fourth Wall Maru has a habit of speaking directly to the camera, which often gets lampshaded.
Fun with Acronyms : guys (Guards for UtilityY Situation) and meteor (Much Extreme Technology of Extraterrestrial ORigin) Four Is Death : Four Heavenly Generals.Meganekko : Konomi, to the point where, in one episode, nobody notices her when she corel x3 key generator tries out contacts.Unlike previous series, this time it's one of candidate new capsule monsters to assist guys team.Big Damn Heroes : The Ultra Brothers each get an episode that builds up to them doing this.Under the guise of Mirai Hibino, Mebius joins the Earth defense team guys in the Japan branch to better fend off threats to its people.Spell My Name with an "S" : Mebius or Moebus?Characters edit, mirai Hibino (, Hibino Mirai ) - He is Ultraman Mebius's human form.George's irrational fear of the ocean.For the first 10 episodes, she calls other monsters to Earth to devour them and grow in the process.Dan Moroboshi Moroboshi Dan ) - He is Ultraseven's human form.Genius Bruiser : As revealed in Hikari Saga, Ultraman Hikari was a scientist.Incendiary Exponent : Mebius' Burning Brave form, and the fiery wings of guys Japan.After change becomes impossible, he works as the owner of a stock farm in Kobe City.Transformation Is a Free Action : Averted in episode 22 when a Bogal attacks Mirai as he Transforms.
Villainous Breakdown : The Reflectian appears to be honorable alien at first.

She is absorbed as a hostage by U-KillersaurusNeo.Every time they show up is a guaranteed " Oh, Crap!Pretty much everyone and anyone.Thanks to her desire to protect her kids, she manages to hang onto her consciousness, overpower him, and take over him.After change becomes impossible, he is instructing boy racers of a circuit of Kobe City.Bare-Fisted Monk : Ultraman Leo.After Mebius managed to damage its shield, it was quick to use the guys crew as hostages.Chekhov's Boomerang / Continuity Nod : Mebius is revived in one episode when Konomi deploys the Magnerium Medicalizer, the same weapon the Ultra Garrison used to revive Ultra Seven when he was crucified.( explodes ) You Have Out Lived Your Usefulness : Used by Yapool in the movie without so much as a word beforehand.
Papa Wolf : Implied to be the reason the Father came to Earth to aid Mebius.
You Have Failed Me : Lampshaded by the target.